Microsoft Security Essientals Not scanning

  mark3986 16:51 20 Oct 10

hi i set my MSE to scan my computer on tuesdays at 8pm but it didnt scan and i left my laptop on to see if it scanned and it didnt does anybody know reasons why

  birdface 17:48 20 Oct 10

Have you set it to Uk time.
Or European time not quite sure which one as I do not use it anymore.

  muddypaws 18:26 20 Oct 10

I can't help, but mine (according to restore points) is updating at prescribed time ( each day at 1700)..
I thought there used to be a list of scans in 'History' but can't see them.
So I wonder if mine is actually scanning.
Have you had restore points created at previous scans?

  mooly 18:32 20 Oct 10

Read this,
click here

Make sure you have unchecked the box in MSE settings to "scan when computer on but not in use"

An 8pm scan could occur between 7.30 and 8.30 and if it misses the slot it won't scan that day... as you will see in the above I find it a major annoyance. Other than that MSE is great... and it's no big deal.

  muddypaws 18:37 20 Oct 10

Event Viewer/ system is showing daily scans.
Are you sure it in't scanning.

  muddypaws 18:44 20 Oct 10

Obviously meant 'isn't'.
Ref a comment in your link.--I do a manual scan on boot up as well as the scheduled.
It also explains the timing variation. Thanks.
mark3986 Sorry to hijack.

  mark3986 19:29 20 Oct 10

ok thanks ive set it to scan at 8pm tonight to see wot happens hopefully it will work.thanks for help guys

  mark3986 15:45 21 Oct 10

it never scanned so i might change to avira

  mooly 16:57 21 Oct 10

There must be some underlying reason why it's not operating correctly. Did you remove any previous security package correctly ?

Another thought, you mention laptop ? I don't think it scans if running on battery as scanning is power intensive.

Is the system tray icon green ?
Is it automatically installing updates silently ?

  mark3986 17:17 21 Oct 10

i got rid of norton which came with my laptop through revo.yeah its green im not sure how the updates go in through windows update i think and it wasnt on battery either.

  birdface 18:00 21 Oct 10

Did you change the time setting to european.
No use changing the time to scan if it is not set to the correct district.
Its probably set to US time which is 5 hours or so behing us.

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