Microsoft rang to warn about system crash? Scam surely?

  buel 15:47 02 Aug 11

Hi, a friend has just yold me that, apparently, Microsoft rang him last week to say his 'system is about to crash'! He hung up on them but still thinks it was genuine as they had his number, address, name etc! I've told him it was a scam but he is still insisting on wiping his system this weekend! Any thoughts please?

  gengiscant 15:54 02 Aug 11

Of course its a scam!!!!

  buel 16:02 02 Aug 11

ha ha, yes i know that but id like to know how they were able to know his details?

  tullie 16:07 02 Aug 11

Heard of the Electoral Roll?And even the phone book etc,etc.

  buel 16:23 02 Aug 11

Thanks for the sarcy reply- yes of course i've heard of it! I suppose i should change my question to is it a common scam?

  iscanut2 16:29 02 Aug 11

Yes..It is fairly common. There have been postings here previously on the subject.

  onthelimit1 18:34 02 Aug 11

Seven people from my (small) village have called me recently to ask if it was a genuine call! May be they swamp numbers on a local exchange one at a time.

  ams4127 19:28 02 Aug 11

It's very common. I had one a couple of weeks ago and, when I asked him what Microsoft had to do with Linux, he surprisingly hung up!

  ventanas 22:46 02 Aug 11

Had quite a few of these. I just get very personal about their parentage and hang up.

  bob dob 17:09 10 Aug 11

hi, another friend recently had a box pop up in the bottom left hand of the screen stating that his 'Computer needs updating'+when he clicked it it requested payment. Please may i ask is this a common one+is it malware?

  bremner 17:40 10 Aug 11

Yes to both

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