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  shellship 20 Sep 11

I have MSPub 2002 as part of Office XP Professional. Windows XP, 3Gb Ram. Had no problem until today when I tried to open copy of a colleague's publication and got the dreaded message "Microsoft Publisher has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience". It opens OK on his (much smaller) PC. Finished and saved a new publication I was working on but when I tried to open it got the same message, quelle houreur, . I can open all other numerous publications without problem but not these two. Both will open on his PC. Tried to open on my wife's machine but no joy. Any ideas out there please?

  northumbria61 20 Sep 11

Try right click and select Open With and choose MS Publisher

  shellship 20 Sep 11

Thanks but same response. Just can't work out why.

  northumbria61 20 Sep 11

Try the Microsoft Fix It from here enter link description here

  northumbria61 20 Sep 11

Scroll down to find Fix it For Me

  Woolwell 21 Sep 11

Perhaps an obvious question but are the files that you are trying to open created in the same version of Publisher as yours?

  shellship 22 Sep 11

Northumbria Am trying, thanks.

Woolwell Same version - 2002- on all 3 computers.

  shellship 22 Sep 11

Northumbria61 Didn't Fix It for Me - sorry. Modified registry as suggested - no good. Looked elsewhere on MS help site but no matching problem. Just concerned that this may happen again when I create a new publication. Had thought about uninstalling and reinstalling Publisher but it can't be anything wrong with the software if all other files can open OK.

Where do I go from here?

  Bapou 22 Sep 11

Ms does offer a solution, here. You may have missed this one when searching the website.

  shellship 22 Sep 11

Bapou Many thanks, but bin there, dun that without result.

  shellship 01 Nov 11

Here we go again. Tearing hair out. Uninstalled Publisher then reinstalled. Magic, all fine.

Tried again this evening as I had a new publication to create on the basis of a previous one and back to original error.

Bapou and Northumbria61. Have tried solution in MS Support by renaming in the registry but no joy.

Anyone out there with any other ideas, please.


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