Microsoft Powerpoint

  Yimbo 23:36 26 Nov 09

Is it possible to purchase this programme as a stand alone = or is it only available as part of MS Office?

  Simsy 23:43 26 Nov 09

click here

but it's really not worth it, from a financial point of view. It's a matter of a few pennies more, (literally!) to get the MSOffice suite, click here , and you can install it on 3 computers.



  Yimbo 23:46 26 Nov 09

I should have said that I have created a sllde presentation using Open Office - but the school where it's to be shown only has Powerpoint - which won't recognise the Open Office odp format. Can this be changed without knocking out the original slide show?

  Yimbo 23:57 26 Nov 09

Point taken! Thanks!

  wiz-king 06:29 27 Nov 09

OO - I think you have the option of saving in several formats, one of these may be powerpoint compatable.
I havent use that bit of OO yet.

  Simsy 08:43 27 Nov 09

You can choose to save as a powerpoint file from the "save as" file type drop down when saving in open office.

I think you can only save as a .ppt though, (a powerpoint FILE), and not as a .pps , (a powerpoint SLIDESHOW).

If you want it as a slideshow, just save as a .ppt file, and afterwards rename the file giving it a .pps ending!

You might want to download the microsoft powerpoint viewer to see how the show will look in powerpoint. You may find some of the transitions appear slightly different... e.g. different speeds, and fades might vary.

click here



  Yimbo 10:55 27 Nov 09

You've been very helpful! I'll try out what you advise! It looks just the thing I want!

  Yimbo 11:27 27 Nov 09

Works fine! Thanks again folks!

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