Microsoft pop up

  Compulearner 11:54 18 Jun 03

I'm having problems trying to view the discussion headings, the microsoft Business Solutions pop up refuses to close no matter how often I click the close box, is anybody else suffering from this?

  Lú-tzé 12:20 18 Jun 03

Compulearner - why not try either an ad-blocker, or a different browser? I use Mozilla from click here and it has a built in ad-blocker and thus I don't get the pop-up ads which seem to irritate many users on these forums from time to time.

  Gaz 25 12:51 18 Jun 03

I think microsoft must have put code in it to stop it from closing.

A way to get rid of it is to press ctrl + alt + del and in task manager and close the Internet explorer that refuses to go and click end task.

  Compulearner 16:33 19 Jun 03

Lú-tzé Gaz 25 thanks to both of you problem now sorted

  musicbassman 22:00 19 Jun 03

Great isn't it - most people regard pop ups as only one level above the pond life that is spam, but heres a 'respected' company like Microsoft using them !

  keith-236785 23:14 19 Jun 03

Just wait till it has run through twice, it then dissapears, takes a little while but ninety five % of the time it goes, if it doesnt go hit back on your browser and try the thread again.

  VoG® 23:19 19 Jun 03

Or use Opera click here

In Quick preferences choose not to accept pop-ups.

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