microsoft Parser

  ro1 15:29 03 Jan 05

hi can anyone tell me what is 'Microsoft Parser XML 4.0 SDK.' its a file of 4,33 just appeared and i dont know what to do with joy

  mammak 16:00 03 Jan 05

Hi its somthing to do with SP2 a bug fix i think not sure though,
will try and find out and get back.

  Technotiger 16:05 03 Jan 05

click here(microsoft.public.windowsme.general)

This will explain. Cheers.

  Technotiger 16:06 03 Jan 05

Sorry, didnt work - back in a moment.

  Technotiger 16:10 03 Jan 05

click here;en-us;330026

Back again - as I said 1st time, this will explain. :-))

  Technotiger 16:14 03 Jan 05

OK - after clicking on my last link, go to searchbox on right and type in this number - 330026 this will take you to another site, then click on the Title in that site and you will be there. Where I was trying to get you to in the first place........hallelluya

  mammak 16:15 03 Jan 05

Bit over my head but read below.

Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.0
Microsoft® XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.0, formerly known as the Microsoft XML Parser, allows customers to build high-performance XML-based applications that provide a high degree of interoperability with other applications that adhere to the XML 1.0 standard.

Among the core services MSXML 4.0 provides is developer support for the following:

The Document Object Model (DOM), a standard library of application programming interfaces (APIs) for accessing XML documents.
The XML Schema definition language (XSD), a current W3C standard for using XML to create XML Schemas. XML Schemas can be used to validate other XML documents.
The Schema Object Model (SOM), an additional set of APIs for accessing XML Schema documents programmatically.
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) 1.0, a current W3C XML style sheet language standard. XSLT is recommended for transforming XML documents.
The XML Path Language (XPath) 1.0, a current W3C XML standard used by XSLT and other XML programming vocabularies to query and filter data stored in XML documents.
The Simple API for XML (SAX), a programmatic alternative to DOM-based processing.
Main Components of the MSXML 4.0 SDK
The following sections provide conceptual and reference information about the technologies of MSXML.

  ro1 16:44 03 Jan 05

good o - so i can delete this file and shortcut...thank you alll joy

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