Microsoft Outlook:e-mail direct into deleted items

  toofy 20:03 19 Sep 07

Attempted to organise e-mails so that spam with the words/simbles viagra, $, etc go direct into deleted items.This works OK. Now find that e-mails from some friends and family are also going direct in to deleted items before we have read them. I have not set this up (dont understand how to). Is someone prepared to take on the challenge of helping me sort this out please?!

  Taff™ 08:46 20 Sep 07

It must be something to do with the rules you`ve set up. Check them carefully and look for the words and symbols in the friends e-mails that were sent to the bin.

Personally I use Mailwasher Free click here Set up Outlook to "Leave a copy on server" and use Mailwasher to interrogate your mail server. Delete any obvious spam mails and designate others as "friends" for future reference. Once you have the e-mails safely in Outlook, delete them from mailwasher. One word of warning - don`t bounce any, you`ll just get more spam. Simply blacklist the sender & delete them.

  toofy 10:31 20 Sep 07

Thanks Taff. The words/symbols do not appear in the e-mails dumped into deleted items. So I have created new rules for the persons involved instructing the e-mails to go to Inbox. Hope this works. I tried to install Mailwasher about 2 weeks ago: I was asked for my password for something like '[email protected]' which I did not recognize. My attempted passwords were rejected. In response to my email to talktalk asking to query password I was told to phone an 0870 number. After 3 calls and getting nowhere I gave up! If someone can advise me if talktalk passwords are case sensitive or not, I will try again. Thanks

  Taff™ 11:58 20 Sep 07

It would be the password for your mail server and they are case sensitive. This is just your password for your e-mail which you should have been sent or created when you set up your specific e-mail address. You can check the other settings for your e-mail address in Outlook by going to Tools>e-mail accounts and then select view or change. Highlight your account and select change. Don`t change anything but check the advanced settings in case the server needs authentication.

  toofy 15:47 21 Sep 07

You have sorted me out regarding the password thanks.
I have downloaded Mailwasher free.
When I select Tools,Accounts & click Import I am prevented from importing more than one email account. The screen tells me to do this I need to buy Mailwasher Pro. Is your Mailwasher free limited to one email account?
Also with apologies for being useless but whilst I found reference to "leave a copy on server" in Outlook 'Help', I could not find how/where to do this.

  Taff™ 16:30 21 Sep 07

The current Mailwasher is limited to one free account. There used to be a multiple account version for free as well. Someone will have a link to the older version I`m sure.

In Outlook (as opposed to Outlook Express) the setting is under advanced settings.

  toofy 06:49 22 Sep 07

Bore da! I have an email this morning which looks like you may be testing me to see if I am monitoring emails properly and not just opening everything! Are you peter.g............?Diolch yn fawr

  toofy 06:55 24 Sep 07

Taff-everything is now sorted and running OK. I could not have done it without your help which is v. much appreciated. Diolch.

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