Microsoft Outlook will not close

  Ewa 17:14 29 May 04

My Microsoft Outlook keeps getting stuck in 'running' mode. When I finish and click x the window closes but when seconds/minutes later I want to close the computer a window appears saying that Microsoft Outlook is still running. I have to press 'end now' risking loosing data (I am not aware I have ever lost any though).
Any ideas, please? I run XP. I have reloaded the Microsoft Outlook (2002) several times hoping this will improve things but it has not.

  GaT7 17:36 29 May 04

Instead of reloading Outlook try a 'repair'. Good luck, G

  Ewa 18:56 29 May 04

I tried that too, sounded to hopeful. No use.

  GaT7 19:14 29 May 04

Some common reasons why Outlook will not shut down completely when you click either the X or Exit:

1. PDA synchronization software with your PDA in the cradle. ["Having my PDA in the cradle apparently was what was preventing my Outlook
2003 from exiting. Removing it before exiting works!"]

2. WinFax Pro (especially 10.02 in Outlook 2003) - contact their support for an alleged fix.

3. Franklin-Cover Plan Plus!

4. COM Add-ins.

5. Mail reminder add-ins that keep a stub of Outlook open in the background to check for new mail and fire reminders.

6. Anti-virus/firewall programs that are set to scan incoming and outgoing mail. [So disable this if it's enabled & check to see if the problems recurs.]

(Source: click here)

  Ewa 22:10 29 May 04

This is an interesting set of ideas, thank you. My PDA in the craddle use to cause a great number of problems. I now sync and charge through a sync/charge cable and this works well. Points 2-3 I do not know what they are so probably they do not apply, I think 4 does not either (unless it could be the printer?). I have just disabled something in the Outlook, may be if it was 5 then it may work, I will see.
I remember in Norton there was an option of scanning outgoing mail but now I am using windows xp firewall and Panda Antivirus, I do not know how to find out if they are scanning my ougoing mail or not. Do you know?
Anyway, it may be point 5 and thank you for the link to the Microsoft Outlook discussion.

  VoG II 22:33 29 May 04

XP Firewall does not scan *anything* outgoing - so may be worth thinking about an alternative such as ZoneAlarm (free version) click here

As far as I know, Panda does scan incoming and outgoing e-mail.

  Ewa 20:02 01 Jun 04

It still has a problem with closing, I mean still after I disabled scheduled send and receive. Anybody knows if this could be something to do with a connection to external VPN?

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