Microsoft Outlook - Backup

  wee eddie 15 Aug 12

I have Outlook set to Backup to an easily accessible place. No problem.

However, I think that that backup contains Mail and Diaries that are over 10 years old.

My question: How do I restrict the Backup to six years of such things?

  Woolwell 15 Aug 12

Should be in Helproom?

Which version of Outlook?

Outlook should automatically archive old entries and you should have 2 pst files (archive.pst and outlook.pst). What you could do is open the archive folder and delete entries over 6 years old or move them.

  john bunyan 15 Aug 12

Also see here:

other thread

  wee eddie 15 Aug 12

Tagged as Outlook 2010.

This version seems to save just a single .pst file. e.g. no Archive, as previous versions of Outlook did.

  Woolwell 15 Aug 12

Outlook 2010 should have an archive file too Open and find items in an archive file

  wee eddie 15 Aug 12

Thanks Woolwell: You accidentally led me to the bit I needed.

On the second page of your link are instructions, somewhat convoluted and lacking in explanation, of how to create an Archive that is self limiting to up-to 60 months. I hope that I have done it correctly.

e.g. To Archive anything that is over 60 days in the past and to delete anything, in the Archive, that is over 60 months in the past.

  Woolwell 15 Aug 12

I've just learnt something too!

  Forum Editor 15 Aug 12

This should be in the Helproom - I'm transferring it now.


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