Microsoft office paid for or not

  catpwss 04 Nov 12

I have a laptop running windows 7,There was no office installed when I had it. So decided to install the trial version of Microsoft Office 2010,I think its for 30days trial.Now if I don't decide to pay for the full version at the cost of £99.00.Will I be able to uninstall the trial version and install the ''Office Starter pack''. And will that starter office be capable of reading all word documents from office 2000 up to 2010? I know maybe I should have installed the stater first but couldn't find a link to install it. Anyway. Many Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Nov 12

Use Oen office or Libre office both free and work with MS office files

  catpwss 05 Nov 12

I Went down that avenue with OO only problems I was having,Sending documents to different people,They failed to open then even so that I saved them as Microsoft format. Looking hard into Microsoft home & student office. Thanks for input.

  bjh 05 Nov 12

Yes, Starter will do as you ask... you may find certain advanced features are uneditable, but will be readable.

Uninstall the Trial Edition. Restart your computer (TWICE is advisable), then install Starter Edition, and it should work just fine.

(Same with Home & Student... uninstall of trial edition is best first...)

  Jollyjohn 05 Nov 12

With both Open Office and Libre Office you can export documents as pdf files, then any one can open them.

  catpwss 05 Nov 12

Thanks for the replies,I have windows 7 home premium 64bit,Will I have to get a 64bit Microsoft home and student 2010?.

Thanks very much.

  Woolwell 05 Nov 12

Jollyjohn - but they may want to edit them.

  catpwss 05 Nov 12

Woolwell,Thanks.Don't quite understand your reply!

  lotvic 05 Nov 12

catpwss, Woolwell was replying to Jollyjohn about his post and saving docs as .pdf files.

ClickHere "Office 2010 products are available in 64-bit versions; however, for the best productivity and user experience, Microsoft recommends 32-bit Office 2010 for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Office 64-bit is optimized for advanced data analysis scenarios that most users don’t require, and existing 32-bit add-ins are not supported on Office 64-bit"

  catpwss 05 Nov 12

Lodvic.Thanks for the reply,That has answered my question. Apology to Woolwell.

Thanks all.


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