Is Microsoft Office free to download?

  gazmix 07 Feb 12


I am surprised to see that olde version of Microsoft Office available free to download!

Is this a legit version?

I thought people had to pay for it!?


  gazmix 07 Feb 12
  Woolwell 07 Feb 12

At the top of the page is this "Microsoft Office is an application to create and edit spreadsheets.Have Word,Excel and many other utilities. It is a TRIAL software and if you like his functions you can buy from Microsoft Corporation .Can create presentation pages ,image slide shows,work with". Note it is a TRIAL version. Trial versions are free but have a limited life after which you have to buy it. So in a short while it is not free. IMO the page is a bit of a con.

  Woolwell 07 Feb 12

If you are going to do that you might as well try the latest version 2010 for free MS Office 2010

  robin_x 07 Feb 12

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is Free (Word, Excel, +Ads)

Or use OpenSource LibreOffice which is compatible.

  gazmix 07 Feb 12

Ok, are the 2 links on robinofloxley's post also trial versions?

Also, if i download a trail version, do i have to then buy it after the trial has ended?, like contracted too or something?.


  Woolwell 07 Feb 12

After the trial if you do not buy it then it ceases to work and has to be removed. It is a trial - use it - if you like it buy it otherwise uninstall.

LibreOffice is free open source office software. Neither links are trials. MS Office starter is a cut down version plus adverts.

  wiz-king 07 Feb 12

No you dont have to buy it. BUT it gradually stops working - it will open files but not let you edit or save files - so not much use.

  ton 07 Feb 12

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 as above is not trial.

It is free as it has a few adverts.

  sunnystaines 07 Feb 12

i use Microsoft Office Starter 2010 which is free and unlimited use.

only 2 minor drawbacks one is slow to open, two some ads in right hand margin. with a saving of £90 for the student edition I can live with the drawbacks


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