Microsoft Office 2000 - Access

  DEZIBOY 13:53 18 Oct 04

When using conditional formating on a control field, how do you prevent numbers 1 to 9 from using the same field format as the numbers 10 to 90?

  recap 15:23 18 Oct 04

Open the form in Design view or Form view, or the report in Design view.

Make sure that the control is selected, and then on the Format menu, click Conditional Formatting.

Do one of the following:
To change an existing condition, select the font style, color, or other formatting that you want to apply.

To add a new condition, click Add.

To remove one or more conditions, click Delete, and then select the check box for the condition or conditions you want to delete.
Click OK.

  DEZIBOY 08:57 19 Oct 04

The response from 'recap' is correct but how do you prevent numbers 1 to 9 from using the same field format as the numbers 10 to 90 when you have used all the conditions that you are allowed to add (3 in Access) and the numbers 1 to 9 are outside the conditions you have set up?

  recap 09:03 19 Oct 04

What Type of field are you using, Text or Number?

  DEZIBOY 13:02 19 Oct 04

I am using a number field

  recap 16:20 21 Oct 04

Changing the field properties from Long Integer to Single may work?

  DEZIBOY 16:30 21 Oct 04

Thanks to 'recap' for your efforts in trying to find a solution. However, I have successfuly implemented the conditional formating on another copy of Microsoft Access, which leads me to the assumtion that my copy has somehow been corrupted.
therefore the only option I have is to remove and reinstall Microsoft Office

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