"Microsoft Newsletter" Is this an email scam?

  crocodile36 16:07 05 Aug 05
  crocodile36 16:12 05 Aug 05

Sorry, the title of the email is "The benefits of Genuine Windows"

  User-312386 16:12 05 Aug 05

Looks like a scam to me

  VoG II 16:17 05 Aug 05
  Belatucadrus 16:31 05 Aug 05

I think it's genuine, as those that have received them generally appear to have a Microsoft.net passport or have signed up for their newsletter.
Though I will admit I binned mine as I got a security certificate warning when I accessed the link.

  crocodile36 17:39 05 Aug 05

As Curly-Wurly said in the thread you link to above, "Thanks, VoG"

  Forum Editor 17:46 05 Aug 05

The alpha-numeric string that comes before the @ in the email address is your personal reference code in Microsoft's UK distribution database. The company is acting to protect your privacy by encrypting your address.

The fact that you've received the mail means that you must at some time agreed to receive email updates of one kind or another.

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