Microsoft NET Framework - Purpose in laymans terms

  compumac 16:03 18 Apr 08

I have had a lot of problems with Microsoft NET Framework and have now reached the stage of being finally able to resolve them, but can anyone explain in laymans terms as to the purpose/necessity of the having it on the PC. What does it effect?

  Sea Urchin 16:08 18 Apr 08

Have a read of this

click here

  skidzy 16:09 18 Apr 08
  skidzy 16:10 18 Apr 08

Snap ;-)

  compumac 16:20 18 Apr 08

Read it, but at my age it does not sink in. What does it really mean in laymans(ignorant)terms.

  Sea Urchin 16:35 18 Apr 08

In one sentence it is a piece of software that is intended to help other programs to run smoothly on the Windows platform. It includes many predetermined codes which then do not need to be included in the other programs. OK two sentences! skidzy might put it better than me.

  compumac 16:43 18 Apr 08

I have read the screed again that you originally pointed at and it is now becoming a little clearer. I understand that Microsoft NET Framework is now at V3.0.
I have had to remove Framework and start again from scratch re-installing,and wondered at the necessity to go as far as V3.0. I am currently got as far as V1.1 with Service pack 1.
Do you need all of the updates to that version to be really effective? Or is it a question that you need to keep abreast of updates anyway?

  Sea Urchin 16:58 18 Apr 08

OK you don't need to update from one to the other - just download the latest version available from

click here

  compumac 17:08 18 Apr 08

Thanks for prompt reply. I have at last been able to install NET Framework V2. with SP1 - KB 110806 which has been a pain in the backside for some time now in that it would never install. It has been like that for a long time until I finally found a workaround on the MSDN forums this morning. So there is just V3.0 to go.

  skidzy 17:32 18 Apr 08

i think Sea Urchin has pretty well covered it all.

The basics of this is that new software is released all the time and some will need the latest version of .NetFramework to run correctly and provide a stable system.

There has been many issues with problems installing and removing older versions.My advice is,do not worry about uninstalling older versions as they can be needed depending on your software.

  compumac 17:48 18 Apr 08

Thanks for replies. This has been a thorn in my side for some time and looking on other forums as well it appeared that quite a number of people have been having the same problem.
Thanks again for prompt responses

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