Microsoft monthly patch

  thumbscrew 25 Apr 12

Anyone having trouble installing the latest security update? It's for MSE and mine rejects the install.

  buteman 25 Apr 12

If you use MSE maybe it already downloaded the update to your computer.Maybe check to see what were the last updates downloaded to see if that is one of them.

  thumbscrew 25 Apr 12

Hello Buteman, I assumed it's an upgrade not just an update. Would you know what the latest MSE version is?

  buteman 25 Apr 12
  thumbscrew 25 Apr 12

Thanks Buteman, still getting "Update failed".

  mooly 25 Apr 12

No problems here with Vista. I have my updates set to notify only and this morning I had 1 definition update (as normal and that instals with no user input) and another for a new version of MSE.

I selected just the MSE one (and not the definitions one) and left Vista to it. Installed OK and the daily scan commenced as normal at the alloted time with the "new" MSE grabbing the latest update which I assume was the one I hadn't purposely selected.

  thumbscrew 25 Apr 12

Thanks mooly, computers can ruin your day can't they? I thought I'd uninstall and re-install MSE, but it won't uninstall?? I'm getting error 0x80070656...can anyone advise?

  northumbria61 25 Apr 12

The easiest way would be to do a System Restore just prior to the problem occurring - also see here enter link description here

  northumbria61 25 Apr 12

Also - how to uninstall MSE (Manually) enter link description here

  thumbscrew 25 Apr 12

Thanks all, System Restore didn't work...still can't uninstall, contacted Microsft Helpline as per Northumbria's post.

  kdt 25 Apr 12

new mse is version 4 it should automatically upgrade your version 2


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