Microsoft Money - setting up a new account

  Templar1961 10:48 03 Aug 05

I am having problems setting up a new account in Microsoft Money.

I keep getting the following error message: The list is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

  rawprawn 11:05 03 Aug 05

Are you going through Accounts & Bills/Accounts Setup/New Account?

  Templar1961 11:28 03 Aug 05

Yes I am going thru' set up new account. But a list of banks usually appears but it seems to have stopped working?

I have worked round it now by selecting the option that my bank isn't listed.

Guess its just a problem with Microsoft? Or is it my Microsoft anti-spyware blocking it?

  rawprawn 12:25 03 Aug 05

It casn't be MS Antispyware, because I am running it and I still get the drop down list of banks in set up new account.The only other thing I can think of is are you working offline as I do when setting the account up?
Other than that I don't know if all your Banks are shown in "Go to list of accounts"

  Templar1961 21:25 04 Aug 05

I am working online, but unable to update any financial information?

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