Microsoft Money 2004 Quicken 2001

  brambles 03 Jan 12

Somehow, and only because I cannot buy upgrades, I have managed to run the above financial applications on my Dell Computer/Windows Vista.

On Thursday I take delivery of a new Dell/Windows 7 and I have grave reservations about whether these two old financial programmes will run on the Windows 7 computer.

Any recommendations/observations appreciated


  brambles 03 Jan 12

Sorry the title should have read Microsoft Money 2004 Quicken 2001

  compumac 03 Jan 12

I run Money 2005 on Win7 with the original money data file used on Money 2002 and converted to Money 2005.

  southhead 03 Jan 12

I run MS Money on Windows 7 Home 32 bit with no problems. So you may be OK on your new machine.

  southhead 03 Jan 12

I should have said I run MS Money 2003 etc...

  brambles 03 Jan 12

Compumac Thanks for a quick response - can you outline how you achieved this?


  brambles 03 Jan 12

Southmead - many thanks that's encouraging. Brambles

  northumbria61 03 Jan 12

Quicken 2004 (final Release) runs on Windows 7 - not sure about 2001 - but if you do a search for Quicken on this web site there are posts on it that should answer your query.

  brambles 07 Jan 12

Thank you all for kindly answering to my query, I have successfully installed the two applications on my new Windows7 computer



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