Microsoft Money Windows M.E.

  Chrisann 11:02 11 Oct 06

I have the above software on my M.E. comp which I run all the time..On XP there seems no sign of this software package. It has Microsoft Works 8 but no Money in there.. I have tried transferring it but to no avail...says it won't open it and doesn't recognise it etc. I could do with this package on the new comp. as I am half way through my year etc....

Has anyone an idea of how I can get it or is there an upgrade out there anywhere. or a software package that is fairly straighforward and simple for me to use to sort out my Money etc.?

Otherewise I am a bit stumped.

Thanks so much.


  ventanas 11:16 11 Oct 06

Money is a standalone program which requires the installation disc to install on your XP machine. I believe some versions of Works Suite did include Money, and this is probably what you have on your ME computer. You would need to remove it from the original machine and reinstall using the supplied CD on the XP computer. Unless you are in the situation where Works (including Money) was supplied with the ME machine. Then it has to stay there.
Money is not supplied with any version of Windows. You could try this as an alternative. click here

  Chrisann 11:23 11 Oct 06

I have the C.D. for Microsoft Works 2000 which was given to me with the comp in 2001..the Software had been already been installed so I didn't do anything... I just had to log into Word with a code etc.

Can I put this Disk into the new comp running XP then. ? Don't want to mess up the new comp!!!


  ventanas 11:28 11 Oct 06

You should not have any problem. I am still running Office 97 on XP Pro.

But if the software was provided with the original PC then it is most likely tied to it. So would not be strictly legal if you install to the XP machine. You will also need to be careful that it does not install all of the Works suite, and not just Money. Make sure there are options to leave off parts you don't want.

  Chrisann 15:09 12 Oct 06

Thank you for your help..It does seem that Money is tied to my old comp so I have downloaded the AceMoney Lite package to see what that does. It sounds very good re the reports by other users etc.
Thanks again.


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