microsoft life cam 3000

  widdy 04 Sep 11

I am having sound problems with this webcam. I have background noise i.e. motorboating and thought best ti reload the software. However the software asks me to delete the original program before reinstalling it. However, the program does not appear when going via control panel, add or remove programs, I used to but does not now. Any ideas as to how to remove this program

  northumbria61 04 Sep 11

Try updating the driver via Device Manager or obtain your driver direct from Microsoft Hardware enter link description here

  widdy 04 Sep 11

Hi Thanks for that have managed to download more upto date program for the webcam but still get noise in background. Ordinary files play ok but with webcam plugged in its noisy. I did read somewhere that plugging it into a powered usb hub could cause problems so I plugged it into an ordinary usb port. Still the same, maybe it could have damaged the camera ???

  northumbria61 04 Sep 11

It seems you are not the only one with this problem - although the article was started in 2007 there is a post at 2nd March 2011

See here enter link description here

  letsgetrdy 07 Sep 11

If it has a microphone, then mute it in the windows Sound tab. If you want to use it, then check out it's settings, turn off boost if enabled, turn the microphone levels down.. etc. Some mics pass on to speakers.


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