Microsoft Excel and VBA

  VoG II 23:33 12 Apr 04

What (if anything) is the problem in calling-up ActiveSheet.

I really do not understand why this seems to cause such offence.

  woodchip 23:37 12 Apr 04

Nor me

  VoG II 23:48 12 Apr 04

Well woodchip, my friend (I hope). Thank you for your support. I get rubbish from the other site, I know more about Excel than most of them put together and they will not listen. Wife is completely mental, waiting for the call from hospital as she has overdosed in the past - just waiting for the call again (not at this moment obviously).

So thank you Forum Editor for deleting my post - without warning. I thought we were friends again.

  jz 15:48 13 Apr 04

Have I missed something?

  Simsy 17:45 13 Apr 04


I presume the post was pulled as it didn't really achieve much, on this forum, except point to the other one!

Life goes on.



  VoG II 17:50 13 Apr 04

Upon sober reflection however I should not have posted the link to the other website and invite criticism of another forum. It was right that the thread should have been deleted.

This one should be deleted to - it was posted in "the heat of the moment" and serves no useful purpose.

A public apology, Forum Editor.

  Djohn 18:31 13 Apr 04

Your a good man VoG. I've advised you about that Pernod! ;o)

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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