Microsoft essentials and a mystery I cant solve

  Femme 12:11 14 Nov 09

I had my pc reformatted and my repair guy installed microsoft essentials
I just love it and it works great.But a few days after install a mysterious icon appeared on my pc.
It was in rt bottom corner red in color looks like a parcel.It said your pc is at risk,essentials is turned off-in fact though it was not off.It has a click -open which I have never opened.Microsoft spend 3 hours by remote help and cannot remove it its a mystery.Wondered if anyone else is experiencing this .
After programs start up it vanishes only to appear again at start up.
Thank you

  jimv7 12:45 14 Nov 09

Its slow starting so windows sees it as a risk, untill essentials starts.

  Femme 12:58 14 Nov 09

Yes I realize that but would love to get rid of it

  acein1 13:00 14 Nov 09

onless im missing something,you are talking about the "microsoft security essentials" icon by the clock bottom right of your screen .think of this as "traffic lights" red, amber, green.
when you switch on your pc, it will be red to start,then very shorthly goes to green,if its amber ,its running a scan,or telling you ,you need to run a scan,in which case,you just click "scan" and forget it,it dose its thing automaticaly,as regards to "microsoft spending 3 hours trying to fix it,im baffled,

click here

click the link above to see a screen capture of the icon ok

  acein1 13:02 14 Nov 09

if its what i just showed you in the screen capture, YOU DONT GET RID OF IT ,just leave it alone

  Femme 13:07 14 Nov 09

Its not part of microsoft essentials its spyware of a sort-saying my pc is at risk and other message similar
Its red a bit similar to your screen capture but just stays red looks like a Xmas package
It vanishes as pc programs load .
Microsoft has tried but cant get rid of it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:24 14 Nov 09

Download and update and run Malwarebytes Mbam click here

It will find if you have problem

It is also on the DVD of PCA mag

  Femme 13:27 14 Nov 09

I ran that also cleaner and spy bot you name it it cannot be found
Thank you

  jimv7 13:33 14 Nov 09

Run Malwarebytes in safe mode.

  User-1229748 13:36 14 Nov 09

have you tried superantispyware?you could try asquared aswell.sasclick here

  Femme 13:37 14 Nov 09

The microsoft guy ran everything imaginable with no results i watched as he scanned everything im mostly curious to see if anyone else has it
Thank you for your reply

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