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  rossol 09:29 22 Dec 05

i leave my comp on 24/7 but found my bt broadband off and a error message asking me to report error to microsoft
Error signature
BCCode:19 BCP1 :00000020 BCP2:E3244E38 BCP3:E3244F00
BCP4:0C190201 OSVer:5_1_2600 sp:2_0 product:256_1
can any tell me what this error could be with out me send it to microsoft ?
using xp proffesional with sp2

  Fingees 10:28 22 Dec 05

These messages often crop up with xp.

If the computer still works ok when you reboot, don't worry.
I usually click dont send.

especially as XP has been going so long.
It's usually used to help them recognise bus=gs, or deficiencies in their system.

All thge best.

  rossol 20:33 22 Dec 05

thank but still have the problem of the bt broadband going off
merry xmas

  VoG II 20:40 22 Dec 05

Does it keep going off or was it a one-off?

There are reports of these error messages occurring time after time. If that happens delete the entire C:\DOCUME~1\ALEX~LOCALS~1\Temp\WER2085.dir00 folder and restart your PC.

  Minkey1 20:51 22 Dec 05

If it's logged a report to Minidump, could the PC have restarted after a bug check ?

Administrative Tools/Event Viewer might give a clue ?

Don't know about anyone else but we're getting a few brownouts, which would explain the loss of broadband. The PC would just stay off however so a temporary power cut would appear to be ruled out.


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