Microsoft emails and default email handler

  concretepigsy 10:41 20 Sep 03

I keep getting emails from "microsoft" saying there is a security patch update attached.

Microsoft dont email you this stuff do they??

I also cant make outlook 6 my default email handler
any ideas please

the pig

  VoG II 10:49 20 Sep 03

No they don't - it is a virus. Delete it.

  concretepigsy 11:07 20 Sep 03

thanks Vog,

I didnt think they did.

I have the free AVG anti virus set to scan email and is up to date. Why didnt it pick it up??

  Belatucadrus 11:21 20 Sep 03

click here for more info on the Gibe.C worm

As to why AVG didn't pick it up , hard to say. The discovery date noted by Command is 18th Sept, if your virus definition is older that could explain the miss. Make sure you are up to date and that AVG has the heuristic check enabled as this is the only fallback for virus like activity from unknown code.

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