Microsoft Access 2010

  Kingfisher 16:57 PM 15 May 12

I have an access database of my film collection, column 1 is the number count ie 1,2,3 etc. I have reached 1,000 entries but on entering 1001, 1002, and then clicking a to z to put numbers in the right order, the 1000 plus entries show after the 100 number ie 098,099, 1000 1001. How can I get the 1000 plus entries to show after 999 thankyou

  Woolwell 17:15 PM 15 May 12

Do you have the column 1 formatted as text or number - try number? Is column 1 auto generated?

  Kingfisher 17:58 PM 15 May 12

Thanks Woolwell will give it a try and post back

  lotvic 18:39 PM 15 May 12

I'm confused, are you using Access or Excel?

  Kingfisher 19:00 PM 15 May 12

Hi lotvic it is an access database

  Woolwell 19:44 PM 15 May 12

In table design under data type choose number and this should resolve your snag.

  lotvic 20:59 PM 15 May 12

Was just making sure :) follow Woolwell's advice

  Kingfisher 22:06 PM 15 May 12

To Woolwell and lotvic, thankyou for your advice it worked problem sorted

  Woolwell 22:08 PM 15 May 12

Tick as resolved. Under text strings the 1 is before 9 no matter what follows. Glad it is sorted.


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