Microsoft 2007 trial

  michie09 19 Jan 11

I've deleted my free 60 day trial for microsoft 2007,is there anyway of getting this back,also deleted from recycle bin.Thanks

  michie09 19 Jan 11

I've also tried downloading open office but it won't download on my pc for some reason.

  gengiscant 19 Jan 11

You cannot get back the trial without a lot of faffing about,even then is it worth it, if it is only a 6o day trial.
Why can you not download Open Office?
Are you getting error messages or what?

  michie09 19 Jan 11

No error messages,it starts to download then nothing,have left it for hours and nothing.

  gengiscant 19 Jan 11

Are you using IE or Firefox?

  Belatucadrus 19 Jan 11

There's also Softmaker Free click here , but this may not help if you're systems not downloading files properly.

  michie09 20 Jan 11

to gengiscant,i've tried both,sometimes starts to download then just stops.

  michie09 20 Jan 11

Thank you Belatucadrus,downloaded softmaker,seems to be fine.

  gengiscant 20 Jan 11

Good find.I have added that to my office folder.

  natdoor 20 Jan 11

Ihad a similar experience with OO a couple of days ago. I eventually managed to download from another server, can't recall which.


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