Microsoft 2007 trial

  User-1616174 12:10 PM 19 Jan 11

I've deleted my free 60 day trial for microsoft 2007,is there anyway of getting this back,also deleted from recycle bin.Thanks

  User-1616174 12:19 PM 19 Jan 11

I've also tried downloading open office but it won't download on my pc for some reason.

  gengiscant 13:25 PM 19 Jan 11

You cannot get back the trial without a lot of faffing about,even then is it worth it, if it is only a 6o day trial.
Why can you not download Open Office?
Are you getting error messages or what?

  User-1616174 14:11 PM 19 Jan 11

No error messages,it starts to download then nothing,have left it for hours and nothing.

  gengiscant 17:00 PM 19 Jan 11

Are you using IE or Firefox?

  Belatucadrus 20:27 PM 19 Jan 11

There's also Softmaker Free click here , but this may not help if you're systems not downloading files properly.

  User-1616174 13:55 PM 20 Jan 11

to gengiscant,i've tried both,sometimes starts to download then just stops.

  User-1616174 13:59 PM 20 Jan 11

Thank you Belatucadrus,downloaded softmaker,seems to be fine.

  gengiscant 15:00 PM 20 Jan 11

Good find.I have added that to my office folder.

  natdoor 21:18 PM 20 Jan 11

Ihad a similar experience with OO a couple of days ago. I eventually managed to download from another server, can't recall which.


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