microphone problems ie loud whistling through spee

  ROB.R 08:52 08 Apr 06

when i use my philips webcam in msn im i get a lot of feed back through my speekers my friend also has the same webcam but she does not get any feed back we are both on xp home the webcams are philips SPC900NC/00 and i think my duplex settins is half duplex but i dont know how to check it can that be the problem and if so how do i chane mt duplex setting please help me

  jack 09:00 08 Apr 06

Feed back comes about becuase the Microphone is too close to the speakers or the volume is up too high.
Adjust the volume/speaker positioning/switch off speakers and use phones -all the ways to prevent speakers feeding the mic.

  AubreyS 09:04 08 Apr 06

Try double clicking on the speaker icon near the clock bottom right, then mute the microphone.

  Stuartli 10:38 08 Apr 06

Further to that I have to Mute both the Playback and Record microphone inputs.

However, to prevent feedback by using speakers I prefer a headset and mike.

To avoid constant plugging and unplugging of the headset I use a 3.5mm jackplug adapter. For an example see:

click here

obtainable from any good audio outlet.

To use the spakers I turn the headset's volume control to minimum and turn the speakers on or vice versa depending which is in use.

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