microphone not working in skype...

  athenrye 04 Jun 11

ive recently installed skype, im trying to use a headset microphone and the mic doesnt work

i think my issue is drivers etc... im windows vista in control panel> hardware and sound> sound

i have four icons 1,digital output device (hdmi) 2.speakers 3,speakers and 4,digital output device (spdif) in the playback tab at top

the third icon speakers is ticked default and is high definition audio device working and my sound is fine

if i then click on the recording tab i have only the second speaker icon and it says headset microphone bluetooth handsfree audio

i assume this is my mic, i dont have a hands free headset, im trying to use headset with two cables for miuc and sound

am i in the right area and what am i missing? or what do i have to do?


  athenrye 04 Jun 11

hi ninja no thats my issue, its not skype when i go into skype tools etc i can only see the headset microphone bluetooth handsfree audio, i have no ther options

in my computer settings i have only got this handsfree audio in the recording tab

i see what you mean by choosing it in skype, but its not that thats the problem, i think i might need realtek drivers!


  BT 05 Jun 11

Desktop or Laptop?

If Desktop and you are using the front Mic. socket, try using the back socket. There is often a problem using the front socket.

If you have another Mic. try that. Slightly different, but I find the built in Mic. on my webcam doesn't work as well as a separate Mic.

  athenrye 05 Jun 11

hi bt sorry should have said, its a pc ive tried the back sockets and it doesnt work there either...

mic/headset works on the wifes laptop, so the mics fine...

on here laptop you have icons for realtek mini jack plugs etc, i dont have them on the pc on the recording tab


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