micro soft web access

  pezman 19:43 07 Apr 07

Can anyone help can reply or compose an e mail on micro soft web access. i can use yahoo and all other e mails. I have a new computer with vista


  Jackcoms 19:48 07 Apr 07

What are you asking?

I'm afraid I don't understand

  Technotiger 19:53 07 Apr 07

Hi, this might explain a bit ...

click here

click here

  pezman 19:58 07 Apr 07

i am using my company account on microsoft web access and everytime i try to reply to the emails i get a red cross in a box where you would normally but the reply message


  Jackcoms 20:02 07 Apr 07

Have your company given you the necessary permission to use Microsoft web access (which, incidentally, I've never heard of)?

Might it be worthwhile directing your question to your IT techies at work?

  pezman 20:04 07 Apr 07

can i copy the page to show you? as it works on all my other computers in the house but this is the only vista program

  pezman 20:11 07 Apr 07

This is all i see when trying to send e mail Check Names...Properties...Add To ContactsRemoveSend Options... Help
click here


When: -
NormalHeading 1Heading 2Heading 3Heading 4Heading 5Heading 6AddressFormatted ArialCourier NewSystemTimes New RomanVerdana 8101214182436 BIU

  Jackcoms 20:13 07 Apr 07

"can i copy the page to show you?"

Do as you wish - however, I'm dropping out at this point because, as I said, I've never heard of or used MS web access and never used Vista. :-(

However, I'm sure other members may be able to help.

I would advice, however, that by using the 'scatter gun' approach and posting the same problem several times won't bring a quicker answer. It might, in fact, annoy other members.

  pezman 20:17 07 Apr 07

as a new member to this site i thank you for your help and apologise for adding on messages didnt know there were rules to this but your comments have been noted. Thank you for your help anyway!

  Technotiger 20:17 07 Apr 07

HI, when I clicked on you link, I got a warning message that it was from an unknown/very dodgy site etc ... so I declined to open it. I think you should run all your anti-malware/spyware/virus everything in your security armoury in fact - you may have unwanted 'visitors' ...

Also note that in Vista, Outlook has been replaced by Vista Mail - or something similar.

  pezman 20:20 07 Apr 07

thank you technotiger will do brand new computer as of 10 this morning but will rum norton again ( very new to computering so forgive me for mistakes)

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