Micro filters where?

  JEFoord 19:38 12 Nov 04

my father in law has recieved his broadband package today but cannot get online so i am asking on his behalf.

where should he put his filters? he has 1 master and 1 secondary outlet. nothing runs from the secondary outlet. the master has an extension lead and the end of that lead run his handset and pc.
should he have a filter at each end of the extension lead?

Any advice would be grateful as aol are naff and know less than my 3 year old.

  howard60 19:50 12 Nov 04

at the pc end of his extension lead so that the phone and adsl modem both plug into the filter. The bt engineers I know also say that a filter should be plugged into every outlet that you have a phone etc plugged into.

  Zaphod 3 19:52 12 Nov 04

Install the filter at the phone/pc end of the extension cable. The filter should have a phone socket and a pc socket on it. Plug the phone into the big socket and the pc into the small one.

  haagden 19:57 12 Nov 04

Put a filter at the end of your extension lead and plug the computer and telephone into the appropriate sockets on the micro-filter. However if you ever need to connect a telephone extension or fax machine to the secondary socket then you will need a filter there as well. With this method (there are other options) all your wiring carries the broadband signal and thus a filter is needed wherever you connect a standard analogue POTS device such as a telephone.

  JEFoord 19:59 12 Nov 04

Many thanks to you all for your help.
I will pass this on to him.

  €dstowe 06:29 13 Nov 04

Remember it's the phone that needs the filter, not the broadband so, if the broadband is not working when plugged in, there is something more wrong with it.

  olyman 13:47 13 Nov 04

One of the links in this discussion <A HREF=click here>here</A> gives a good pictorial views of filter locations

  olyman 13:50 13 Nov 04

sorry abt the extra symbols, wasn't sure how links work on this site!

  Graham ® 14:19 13 Nov 04

Best to post the link, as

click here

If you're not sure how, go to the site, click on the address so it all turns blue, then ctrl/c.

Then paste into the forum.

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