Micro Filter/s but am I choosing the right one ?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:28 17 May 04

been told that I should try micro filters on my phone sockets as when on AOL BB the phone rings then crashes/freezzes machine.

So, with AOL BB, on a BT line, so if anyone know's which type of Micro Filter should I buy (if there is more than one type.

The ones I am thinking of buying are called "ADSL" microfilters.

There apparently to be plugged inbetween the pnone socket on wall to the phone cords of each phone.

  BeForU 00:44 17 May 04

ADSL is just the more advance term for Broadband so you can just get them simply enough.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:53 17 May 04

that/r u saying that the ADSL filters are ok and I can use them please ?

  BeForU 01:30 17 May 04

Yes. ADSL & BB are the same thing so you can use them. Microfilters are made just for them anyways.

  georgemac 06:34 17 May 04

click here click here click here I do not have bb yet but many people are using the cheap one OK, all phone sockets should have a micro filter installed - they are to cut down the noise for voice calls.

  €dstowe 06:45 17 May 04

Remember that microfilters as used in BB connections are fitted on the phone side of the connection and not, as many people thing on the BB side. This means that ALL phones and extension phones/FAX machines and everything else on that line must have a microfilter in the line.

You can use the ADSL connection without a microfilter but you can't then use a phone as well.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:39 17 May 04


  stlucia 13:32 17 May 04

Blue~Storm, didn't AOL send you free filters with your BB kit? Call them, you should get them for free -- one is needed for each phone/fax/sky phone socket.

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