eljanno 18:10 06 Jul 03

Please could someone tell me the difference between a normal microsoft mouse and an optical mouse. Which is the best and why?

  Magik ®© 18:11 06 Jul 03

The optical one has no ball, so it never needs cleaning....

  eljanno 18:13 06 Jul 03

Is that it, nothing else

  VoG II 18:15 06 Jul 03

Don't need a mouse mat with an optical mouse.

  palinka 18:18 06 Jul 03

Yes, that's it. So of course you don't need a mousemat or desk to run it on.
You also have a choice of optical cordless, or optical conventionally attached to your computer by a wire.
Cordless operate by battery. There has been a lot of discussion of the pros & cons of optical in this forum in the past.

  LAP 18:39 06 Jul 03

eljanno, I have used a mouse with 'wires' for 5 years as the wife now has this I replaced the whole system which included optical keyboard and mouse. Have not looked back since. Mine is battery operated I prosume they all are. I found that on occasions the wire would catch/pull, not now. I can 'back page' without moving the cursor. I have a scroll wheel, so I do not have to use the scroll bar. I can hold the scroll wheel down on a page and have control over the speed the page scrolls up or down. I think it is just alot better than I had before. I do appriciate that my old mouse was probably well out of date and you can do all/most of these things with 'wires' now. Just anothers point of view .Best..lap..

  Tim1964 18:47 06 Jul 03

Have had an optical mouse now for a year and would definately NOT be going back to the ball....

  graham√ 20:05 06 Jul 03

An optical mouse has an LED (Light Emitting Diode) which shines a light on the (desk) surface. Another device is light-sensitive (for example, a Light Sensitive Resistor), which then detects the reflected light and hence any movement of the surface. This signal is encoded by a powerful machine (your computer) and translated to move the cursor.

Someone will now come up with a 'click here' and I've wasted my time. :-)

  graham√ 20:48 06 Jul 03
  Ironman556 21:00 06 Jul 03

I bought a Logitec cordless/optical keyboard and mouse a month or so back from a PC fair for £36 (~£60+ if you go to PCW). Fine for gaming, very handy extra functions on the keyboard... upgrade, you won't regret it.

  eljanno 22:09 06 Jul 03

Thanks for all the advice guy's I bought an optical mouse today it say's its ps2 but it wont work i the slot that my old mouse went into so I have to use the usb, only thing with that is I have a extention usb hub and this means it now has to be plugged in all the time. I am short of plug space so if my printer and scanner are not in use then I dont need to plug in the usb hub but now I do which is a pain, but what the hell.
Thanks again for all the advice.
Speak soon

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