Messsenger & CCleaner Problem

  Condom 31 May 12

I use Windows Messenger for keeping in touch during my world travels. I also use CCleaner to keep my machine free of unwanted additions. However I have a problem that one is affecting the other. I think I know how to correct it if I could only find out where the Messenger files which keep vanishing when using CCleaner are stored and what they are called so I can protect them.

The files that are disappearing when using CCleaner are those associated with the little pictures which display beside your contacts in Messenger and I am left with the standard Messenger little grey man rather than a photo of my friends. I did ask Microsoft but met a stony silence. If any one can help me identify the relevant files and where they might be stored I would be most pleased.

  rdave13 31 May 12

In Ccleaner untick the box for for windows live messenger under internet under the applications tab.

  Condom 31 May 12


Done that so hopefully that will cure my problem. When my friends come back on line their pictures reappear so after that I will run CCleanner and see if they remain. Thanks

  Condom 08 Jun 12

Sorry but that has not cured the problem as the first time I have run CCleaner since I got the pictures back when friends signed in again they have all vanished again. Has anyone any idea where these files might be stored on my PC?

  rdave13 09 Jun 12

This might give a clue depending on your OS.


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