Messenger - recieving files problems

  Serendipity777 10:12 09 Jan 05

Ok i have both msn and windows messenger on my pc and have one person that i regularly swap files with, this works fine when i send stuff to him but when he tries to send files to me I get the following problems:

Msn Messenger - Always a slow transfer rate, this problem only started a couple of months ago and is only when he sends to me, not the other way round, sometimes i can speed it up by changing my display picture in msn, doesnt seem to matter from what pic to what pic or if i take it off completely, any ideas on how to fix?

Windows messenger - due to the problem above we have been using this one instead (normal transfer rate) until yesterday when he tried to send me something and all i kept getting was a message on messenger saying the file may not be safe, so it would not transfer, we tried with more than one file and same thing, i know his norton is reporting virus free so am wondering if there are any setting in windows messenger i could have inadvertently changed? any help would be appreciated

  huzzar 11:26 09 Jan 05

I think that you are very brave using both versions of Messenger. (Windows & MSN) I tried this in the beginning and had similar problems which resulted in me deleting the Windows Messenger and keep MSN.

  Serendipity777 11:33 09 Jan 05

So would that be a suggestion to remove windows messenger and see if that helps ?

  huzzar 11:42 09 Jan 05

That decision of course is yours, I personally don't see any reason to have both of them working on the same computer. As I said, with me it caused conflicts.

  ACOLYTE 12:00 09 Jan 05

I have both versions,installed although i only use 1 and i have never had problems with it.The slow transfer rate may be down to your friends connection.What file type was he sending? some types like .exe may not send i always zip the files and send seems to work.

  Serendipity777 15:46 09 Jan 05

Hmm dont think so, anything can cause a slow rate on the msn even a 65kb pic, its for all different file types none of them makes any difference, its really weird.

  AubreyS 16:03 09 Jan 05

I think that this a deliberate problem caused by MSN for whatever reason that they have decided. I installed Yahoo Messenger click here and the transfer rate is a lot faster.

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