plumbism 10:56 09 Feb 04

i am running xp home. i would like to know how to stop ms messenger trying to access the net

  SirGalahad2004 10:59 09 Feb 04

is themsn the one that was on your pc
i had same rpoblem , uninstall the one you have on . download msn6 . then you should be ok?

  igk 11:01 09 Feb 04

Hi, The simplest way of doing this I have found is go to click here
Its Gibson Research and find a free small prog that they do called "Shoot the Messenger" that will do the job.Hope this helps.

  Quiller. 11:04 09 Feb 04

I also use " shoot the messenger. Works really well.

  igk 11:08 09 Feb 04

Addition, You will find "shoot the messenger" at the bottom of the page in a link called "Free Stuff".

  Jester2K 13:05 09 Feb 04

Shoot The Messenger - terminates the Messenger Service.

Not related to MS Messenger at all in the slightest.

You can remove Windows / MS Messenger via Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs, Add / Remove Windows Components.

  igk 16:38 12 Feb 04

Jester2k yes that's one way but you also have to go into "Services" to disable another bit! in my case I did both and still had the bloody thing in the taskbar! until I used "shoot the messenger" so I would take issue with your statement that it has nothing to do with M$ messenger! (and so would Gibson research I should think).

  igk 16:42 12 Feb 04

Addition, I might be wrong here but I dont think there is the option in winxp home to uninstall M$ messenger via control panel,add remove,windows components this is only available in xp pro (at least its not on my laptop xp home, as opposed to my main system xp pro)

  ThePharcyde007 16:49 12 Feb 04

or use msconfig from the run option and disable it running on startup

  igk 19:59 12 Feb 04

Yes thats what is now called "Services" in xp although as you say msconfig still works.Right click "my computer", manage,services,double click the item you want then the choices are,"automatic","manual" or "Disable".

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