messed up my c: drive using norton disc doctor

  locky 11:41 13 Nov 03

my computer is running on win 98. recently whilst running norton speed disc i was advised to run disc doctor as there was lost clusters on drive c: whilst following the dialog boxes ndd eventually informed me that there was an error updating the file allocation table or the directory structure on drive c: and was unable to continue testing. my c: drive has now become On~swplug(C:) and all the files have unusual names, i tried to restore my c: drive from scanreg / restore but this has not worked. i can no longer open/explore them from windows explored, however i can open my programs from the start menu.
would be grateful for any assistance.

  MichelleC 12:02 13 Nov 03

In case it's a registry prog:
Try this:

Go to Start > Shutdown, and choose 'Restart the computer in MS-DOS'

At the blinking cursor, type the following commands successively, hitting 'enter' after EACH line:

cd windows\command
scanreg /fix

The Scanreg tool will now proceed to rebuild your registry, which can take some time.

When it finished, type exit or win, followed by hitting 'enter' to return to Windows.
Ctrl-alt-delete will work as well.

You will have refreshed, compacted and repaired your Registry.

Also try running system file checker.

  Tog 12:14 13 Nov 03

If it isn't too late, try using Windows scandisk instead.

  Tog 12:17 13 Nov 03

instead of Norton DiskDoctor, not instead of MichelleCs' suggestion.

  locky 19:54 13 Nov 03

Many thanks to Tog and Michelle C for their help.

I ran scandisc as i thought it was the easier option to try and it has restored my C: drive

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