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  armstrongpiper 17:31 04 Aug 07

Over the months I have had this computer (Dell) I have Uninstalled various Programmes that I no longer require, but some of them have left some remnants behind, which prompt the computer to give messages about these programmes on Start-up. Does anyone know how to get rid of these messages and the programme remnants, please?

Neil B

  wolfie3000 17:35 04 Aug 07

ccleaner is good for cleaning out junk.

click here

Just run the registry cleaner, but remember to backup when prompted.

  armstrongpiper 19:02 04 Aug 07

Thanks fro the response. I run CCleaner every day, but messages are always there. Is there some setting I should be using onCCleaner to clean Registry? Or, how or where is the Registry Cleaner you refer to? I am a not-very-experienced Computer user, as you can tell!

Neil B

  VoG II 19:10 04 Aug 07

Try removing them using msconfig click here

  magnus35 19:11 04 Aug 07

In CCleaner , select 'Issues' .

Back up registry when prompted - this will be saved to a file which can be deleted later .

You will be given a brief description of anything selected for deletion and the option whether to do this .

  armstrongpiper 23:13 04 Aug 07

Thanks for the help.

Neil B

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