Messages from one e-mail account being forwarded to an account

  RCMB 18:17 06 Oct 12

I have several e-mail accounts and use Live Mail (2011) to handle them.

Two of my accounts are associated with my own web-address via 1and and two are ones. When a message is sent to either of the accounts associated with my web address they are received correctly but also appear to be forwarded to one of my outlook accounts.

How do I avoid this?

  wiz-king 09:41 07 Oct 12

On my web address I have set it to forward it to my home address - look at your web setting to see if you have set this facility up.

  RCMB 17:55 07 Oct 12

Thanks wiz-king.

I do not think I have done this. I set up my 1and1 accounts some time ago (and used Outlook Express) I have only recently set up addresses, having changed to a new computer with windows 7.

I have trawled! through 1and1 settings and cannot see anything there. (so complex I will be glad to eventually leave them behind and just use

  RCMB 08:29 09 Oct 12

Thanks again wiz-king, your comments have eventually led me to the solution!.

When trying to test various possibilities for an e-mail handler to replace outlook express, I had set up (with an address which I also set to receive my old e-mails).

Since then I have been using livemail as my preferred option, and set that up to receive all my e-mails. Thus my old addresses where being directed directly to livemail, and were also showing up on my address.

Problem now solved



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