Message from Windows Internet Explorer

  Yimbo 08 Nov 13

"Stop running this script. A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive"

I keep getting this message - even twice while I typed this post! Not sure if it's only PCA pages - or other web pages too.

What's going on here??

  wee eddie 08 Nov 13

It is caused by an incompetently written Advert. I have not had the problem since I installed AdBlocker for IE

  Yimbo 08 Nov 13

Thanks wee eddie,for that! I'll get AdBlocker and see if it works for me!

I have to say though, if it's caused by an incompetently advert appearing on PCA - surely the issue should be dealt with by PCA!

I appreciate your help!

  wee eddie 08 Nov 13

Unfortunately the Advertising is built and provided by the young HOT RODS from whatever Agency bought the space

  wee eddie 09 Nov 13

Unfortunately, using an AdBlocker reduces the income of IDG, but I feel that, were they more scrupulous with their Advertisers and expected them to do a little more testing before they let their product onto the market. we would not be stuck with such annoyances.

Here you are AdBlocker for IE

Before I used this, it was taking almost as long for my ancient PC to boot as it was for a page of PCA to load! OK maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but 90 seconds was par for the course when there were too many Videos or Long Running Scripts on the page

  Yimbo 10 Nov 13

Thanks, wee eddie! You've been very helpful!


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