Message rules in outlook express

  hgrock 09:57 28 Dec 03

i know that junk mail is a problem i get my share , but there is one porn mail that generetes different names and i get about 20 per day same content and subject, blocikng is useless so i tried the message rules, choosing the subject, i wrore "xxx hilton footage" as this is always the subject matter,message rules action to take "delete from server" or do not download. neither of which has any effect. can anyone tell me if message rules actually work. or how to stop this particular piece of junk,this one annoys me because there is so many of the same thing per day

  Wak 10:15 28 Dec 03

I suggest you try Mailwasher to sort out the spam.
I only use Message Rules to shuffle the "wanted" mail into the right folders.

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