Message in MS Money 2004

  Peter Lanky 19:28 07 Aug 10

A few months ago I started getting the following message when starting Money 2004. The message does not cause any problems, but now it is really starting to annoy me. I have to click OK to continue.


An update has been downloaded. To activate the update follow these steps:
1.Close any MS-DOS windows or other open windows.
2.Restart your computer. On Windows-NT based operating systems, log in as an administrator.
3.Start Money.

If the problem persists, make sure you have enough disk space, or reinstall Money from your original CD.


Clearly there has not been an update for some time so message irrelevant.
I've reinstalled the software.
I've scanned the registry for some of the text but found nothing.
The problem does not occur on another computer.
I've searched the net for the text, found one occurrence of it on a forum, but it was not answered.
The posts on the MS Money UK official forum have all disappeared, so no use posting there.

Has anyone seen this message, or can suggest how I may stop it?

  Pine Man 09:26 08 Aug 10

I have Money 2005 and if I reinstall it I am offered an update. This could be the case with older versions and this site gives some here

Have you tried allowing it to update?

  Peter Lanky 17:13 08 Aug 10

Pine Man. 2004 doesn't need the update that 2005 does. Nothing happens when I click OK, but if I install on another PC I don't get this message.

For your own benefit, have you created a new installation disk for Money 2005? I've read that some time in the future 2005 will not work without it.

click here

  Pine Man 19:20 08 Aug 10

I appreciate that 2004 doesn't need the same update as 2005 but on the link I gave you I spotted this:-

'For Microsoft Money 2004 or earlier versions, Money require that you request Money to update. To do this, point to Internet Updates on the Tools menu, and then click Update Now.'

That was my reason for asking if you had tried to update.

I have already prepared disk for 2005 which contains the update but thanks for your concern.

I have also started using a new program called Home Accountz just in case Money goes 'belly up'! It's not bad but completely different to Money with absolutely excellent support based in this country. It's still a bit clunky but worth a look.

  Peter Lanky 15:27 09 Aug 10

I have finally sorted it by accident. I had tried the update button some time ago, with no effect. However, I tried opening Money as Administrator (using W7 Professional) and it worked. Now it opens OK with normal opening.

Thanks for the suggestions and I shall also take a look at Home Accountz, though after spending almost 2 days re-entering all my data to create a new file, as my current one was 'hanging' for 30 secs. every other time I clicked on a transaction, I hope to be able to use money for a long time.

All that now intrigues me is:
Why did the problem suddenly start?
Why has only one person raised the issue on the whole of the internet?

I suspect I shall never know the answer.

  Pine Man 15:41 09 Aug 10

Good news!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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