Message for GoonerBill

  Bennythejet 11:08 19 Feb 03

Hi there,
You probably don't remember but about 4 weeks ago I started I thread on this board as i was looking to upgrade my PC. I had been offered a deal by a shop that included a motherboard, tower, 1.5Ghz processor. You kindly told me that the deal was a rip-off and actually gave me some links to a site where I could pick up a 2.5 Ghz processor, 70Gb Hard-drive, tower, memory etc for about £300 quid. I saved the details and page but my PC has gone tits-up this week and has erased a whole bunch of stuff and this website has deleted the thread. It's a long shot I know, but if you remember the details you gave me (I am hoping you have them stored somewhere) could you post them on here again?


  ©®@$ђ 11:23 19 Feb 03

got to my postings

my posting stores every post you have made on this site, and should be able to get the info there

see the jump to box just above to the right where you type the message in

  Bennythejet 12:11 19 Feb 03

Got it, thanks for the help

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