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  Davith 11:26 AM 26 Aug 12

Windows 7. Microsoft security essentials. Prog was unable to start tried setting under services.msc but as soon as attempt to start Security screen screen briefly flashed up in red then disabled again. Showing message flag in right bottom of screen saying pc has issues "Turn on windows security. Removed MS security and am now running Avast but same message shows. Can I get rid of the message some how?

  rdave13 11:40 AM 26 Aug 12

Check windows firewall is running, also have a look at this Bill2's post

  Davith 17:26 PM 26 Aug 12

Have tried suggestion in Bill2 post but no joy. Checked firewall and is on. Security service WSCSV is disabled I set to delay start and also to automatic then start, shows start in status column message flicks up there is no antivirus software suggesting turn on windows defender.but Avst anti virus is running stating I am protected. In windows XP you were able to tell windows that you were using an alternative antivirus how do you do that in windows 7? Flag still showing "stating turn on security center" but I am unable to do so.


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