Message balloon in task bar Re Win Defender.

  Meshuga 21:46 05 Mar 06

I have recently downloaded Windows Defender Beta2 and frquently get a popup ballon appear in the task bar near the clock with the following message in it,An application registration change was made for a known application file C:\program files\windows defender\mpcrun.exe. The balloon remains visible for a short time and then fades away. It does not seem to affect the pc working in any way. All the usual scans have been run. It may be that this is a normal function but as this prog is new to me can anyone confirm that it is normal. It is the same message each time. Thanks.

  VoG II 21:48 05 Mar 06

This annoyance can be turned off by disabling the balloons click here

  Big Elf 21:49 05 Mar 06

It may be selected 'Choose when Windows Defender should notify you' and ticked 'When changes are detected................'

I haven't seen the notifications you've mentioned but I've left the settings mentioned above unticked.

  Meshuga 21:53 05 Mar 06

Many thanks VoG, Will do.

  Meshuga 21:55 05 Mar 06

Many thanks Big Elf. Will check it out.

  Meshuga 22:08 05 Mar 06

Hi VoG, Have downloaded your click here but it warns me that it is a malicious script and that I should get rid of it. Any thoughts on that please.

  Meshuga 22:12 05 Mar 06

Big Elf, where do I find the place to select that which you have suggested. Can`t find anywhere to tick or untick.

  Big Elf 22:18 05 Mar 06

Windows Defender, Tools, General Settings, Real Time Protection Options

  Big Elf 22:19 05 Mar 06

plus 'Choose when Windows Defender should notify you'

  Meshuga 22:24 05 Mar 06

Thanks BE, have found it. Regards.

  Big Elf 22:36 05 Mar 06

P.S. the script in VoG™ link isn't malicious but because it runs a script that turns of the balloon tips then Windows thinks it is.

It's useful for turning off messages that can be annoying.

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