Message appearing when shutting down PC

  ponytail 13:33 24 Sep 13

I have had this message a few times when I have clicked on shutdown message is. Operations are in progress Please Wait The machine will be turned off automatically after the operation has completed It appeared at 8.40am this morning as I was leaving for work so I left it.It was still the same when I popped home at 1.00pm it had not changed so I decided to turn it off manually and when I went to start it said. Windows Error Recovery so I clicked on start normally,Does anyone know what this message is

  ponytail 13:44 24 Sep 13

Forgot to mention I use Windows 7 if it helps

  rdave13 14:18 24 Sep 13

Do you use Acronis? Have a look at this.

  Nontek 14:41 24 Sep 13

It is normal Windows Updates taking place!

  Nontek 14:42 24 Sep 13

It is normal Windows Updates taking place!

  rdave13 14:50 24 Sep 13

Nontek , I wouldn't think it would take that amount of time but it could be an update error.

  Nontek 14:53 24 Sep 13

I have had the same thing happen, I just let it continue while I go to bed, usually sorted by morning.

Though on second thoughts, I have had the same sort of thing with Acronis - but not a problem.

  Woolwell 16:07 24 Sep 13

I've only had that message with Acronis.

  ponytail 18:53 24 Sep 13

I have the trial version of Acronis

  ponytail 22:14 24 Sep 13

Have read this reply but this is a bit above my head so to speak.In simple language what do I need to do.I have 13 days left on my trial version of Acronis 2014 True Image.Hope someone can advise.What would happen if I uninstalled Acronis

Posted Today at 2:18PM

Do you use Acronis? Have a look at this.

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