in a mess with w7 restore need advice pleas

  sunnystaines 23:49 27 Sep 11

pc has been off a few days, would not boot into windows, system restore would not work nor repair windows and could not find w7 own backup image,

had to reinstall w7 on c drive fresh, still have w7 image backup pre problem on secondary hdd but do not know ow to restore as windows image does not see it.

any advice please as now lost on where to go now

  rdave13 01:05 28 Sep 11

A bit drawn out but shows how to use the Windows DVD to restore an image, page seven shows the link to System Image Recovery, and you might be able to access via the DVD.

Hope that helps a bit.

  robin_x 01:12 28 Sep 11

From memory when this happened once to me.

Not ideal solution either.

Shrink c: by enough to make a new partition on your main drive with space for the WindowsImageBackup folder and copy it from ext to main new partition. eg F:

Try again. I found the boot up Image Restore utility could see it on main drive.

Obviously you need a main drive with enough spare space for this method.

Use Windows Disk Management or Mini-Tool Partition Wizard for messin wit te partitions (Google). Good Luck.

  robin_x 01:18 28 Sep 11


Try rdave's first.

In event of lack of success and to get at your files, Image vhd files within WindowsImageBackup can be 'Attached' (ie Mounted), also using Windows Disk Management

  Zeppelyn 02:24 28 Sep 11

Happened to me once and as robinofloxley says you can mount the vhd file in disk management, partition wizard or similar could then copy this partition to an empty one which you could boot.

  sunnystaines 09:22 28 Sep 11

rdave thanks for help I had already exhausted using the windows dvd options none worked

robinofloxley i will try your idea of coping to main drive, do i just copy paste the folder to new partition?

i have used restore image twice in the past for different problems and worked fine from secondary drive using the windows dvd but not this time.

your second option to copy Image vhd files within WindowsImageBackup bit lost on what to do, could you post easy steps or a link please.

  robin_x 10:50 28 Sep 11

Yes, copy paste.


To get Disk Management. Right click Computer icon on Desktop. Click Manage/Disk Management.

Action/Attach VHD.

Your vhd files are in WindowsImageBackup folder.

You may need to set permissions/Take Ownership to get access.

  sunnystaines 17:46 28 Sep 11

thanks everyone for help everyone none of above worked, now going through process of bring c drive up to date with the many updates and programe instals.

But a problem is still not right the partition i use for windows back is still invisible to windows backup image programe. I have run chkdsk on the partition all ok, have deleted old backup image [givenup ever being able to use it]. right click to format the partition is greyed out. not sure how to make it visible to the back up as its ok in explorer,computer,& disk management.

any ideas please been at it all day

  john bunyan 17:56 28 Sep 11

sunnystaines. I had similar problem; maybe a anti virus or a firewall issue; maybe worth a restore retry in safe mode with them off. I now regularly make Acronis True Image images and (monthly) clones, as well as synching data files and e Mails to a second drive using Freefilesynch or Synchtoy

  sunnystaines 19:56 28 Sep 11

john thanks, I had always praised w7 image backup but not anymore.

wondering if my secondry hdd might be going faulty but passes everything ok and no noise either from it, but its all i can think of.

  sunnystaines 07:54 29 Sep 11

by late last night had completed a fresh instal on w7 added all updates and a few programs, had various restarts all ok.

got up this morning back to square one "boot selection failed because a required device is inaccesable" error 0x000000e.

all repair options with w7 dvd fail, bios will boot into windows dvd options but not the hard drive unless i reinstal windows from scratch.

seems when the pc is off overnight the problem returns. I can only think it needs a new hdd i presently have a sata hdd and a secondry eide hdd, could a fault of a secondry hdd mess up the main hdd.

any other ideas please prior to bedtime last night had the pc running perfect and rebooting ok.

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