Mesh v Evesham

  Hawkeagle 15:19 06 Nov 04

I`m considering a new desktop, have narrowed down to two manufacturers Mesh and Evesham. Good backup and help is important to me, does anyone have any comments on these two ?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:27 06 Nov 04

Do a search in the consumerwatch forums... lots on both.

Both are very good manufacturers but neither is infallible.

  anchor 15:56 06 Nov 04

Both make very good PC`s; but if help and support is of major importance to you then it must be an Evesham.

  961 16:31 06 Nov 04

The 15.27 post says it all

Mesh make good well configured machines at good prices

Their service can be patchy although now they do seem to respond to complaints here

All mail order computers are a pain if you happen to be one of the 5% of customers who get a machine that does not work out of the box

  Hawkeagle 16:52 06 Nov 04

What a nightmare !!!!!

  Hawkeagle 17:00 06 Nov 04

I have looked through the comsumerwatch forum, and now I`m totally flumoxed !!! My current PC is about 6 years old and is a Dell 450 Pentium II, so you can see, I badly need a new PC especially as Half Life 2 is about to come out ! Perhaps I should stay with Dell ? HELP !!!!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 19:08 06 Nov 04

Dell? Not really for gaming.

I would suggest you do one of two things:

a - wait for the next Aldi / Lidl offer of a desktop machine.

b - find the machine you want at mesh/evesham/ etc and buy it.

There is never a right time to buy a machine other than today: the day you need it.

  961 20:00 06 Nov 04

I'd say if you have been happy with Dell why not buy from them again? Their back-up is, by and large, good

Alternatively, as I say, Mesh make good machines. Their back up has improved lately

One other thing. We are coming up to the Christmas buying spree. Either buy now or wait till February. Late Nov and December is nightmare time as production and backup groans under the "Computer for Christmas for the kids" scene.

And if you are buying for Christmas, please try the thing well before Christmas morning so that if there is a problem there is time to fix it before everything shuts down till Jan 3rd

  Southernboy 20:19 06 Nov 04

Mesh makes a better selection and their range does seem to be more attractive.

My present PC is a 6-year old Mesh, still going strong. My son has a 2-year old Evesham with no problems, either. However, it is a large and ugly beast and I prefer the cleaner lines of the Mesh range.

  Danoh 19:14 16 Nov 04

I've had nearly 3 years of Evesham support and only 2 months into ownership of a Mesh PC. Evesham support via telephone is far better then Mesh's even though the later has improved markedly. I do not have personal experience of any other vendor.

I just had occasion to call recently and if any aspect could be deferred as "s/w related", I was referred to their £1 p.min software support phone line.

I also had reason to call Evesham a month or so back. They just cracked on with the fault finding until it becomes obvious it is s/w rather than h/w related.

So IMHO, Evesham has it for support and Mesh has it for better component selection and PC building.

  LEGGGGY 19:35 16 Nov 04

read any mag and the mesh matrix64 3000FX comes out on top for a sub 1000 pound pc,plus it has 2 yr on site warranty followed by 1 yr back to base. takes around 3/4 weeks to build to order though..

I have a 2 yr old evesham desktop which is fine, although the fans are a little noisy and when i asked evesham for some help recently they said sorry but we do not deal with pcs that old.. my next pc will be a mesh

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