Mesh Prestige

  StainlessStan 10:11 03 Sep 05

I bought a Mesh Prestige 5 months ago and I've just found out that the Asus Mobo is not supported. It's a micro atx A8NE-FM. Although I am not experiencing any probs, I am worried that without support I may have probs in future. Does anyone have experience in upgrading Mobo on this machine. What should I look out for?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:21 03 Sep 05

Not supported by whom? In what way?

  StainlessStan 13:45 03 Sep 05

No bios updates from Asus. Not even listed on their web site.

  StainlessStan 13:51 03 Sep 05

From Asus forum it appears this particular board was made for Fujitsu Seimens???? Tried asking Mesh and silence has been the stern reply!

  bremner 14:15 03 Sep 05

This mobo is available from a number of online suppliers. inc click here

Mesh will 'support' the mobo should you have any problems with it during the extent of the warranty.

Should you ever need it here is the BIOS update page click here

  StainlessStan 22:41 03 Sep 05

You are a cherub. Ta.

  MESH Support 09:07 05 Sep 05

Quite a few companies who produce OEM products will hide any update pages for their drivers preferring to support the OEM supplier only as opposed to the end user.

If you ever need a BIOS update for your system, we would hope that your first contact would be our support. If it's available, we can supply it to you ourselves.

"Tried asking Mesh and silence has been the stern reply!"

Out of interest, how did you contact us?


Mesh Support

  Greengage 14:47 05 Sep 05

Whenever I have tried to contact Mesh over the past 2/3 years for information regarding the up-date of the BIOS on my laptop, all they do is give me a telephone number of a third party company which fails to answer the telephone. I have given up each time because of the time spent holding on waiting for my call to be taken. Microsoft & D-Link have told me that I need my BIOS up-dating/flashing because the laptop crashes with the fatal blue screen whenever I use a PCMCIA II card.

  MESH Support 15:12 05 Sep 05
  StainlessStan 15:26 05 Sep 05

Tried to contact support via online support. Got a reply on sat afternoon saying this board was OEM and asking what I wanted to know. Tried to reply but couldn't and gave up. My concern is precisely Greengage's point, what happens when I need a Bios update and my computer is out of warranty? Although my computer is fine now I want to be able to update hardware/software in the future.

  Greengage 15:28 05 Sep 05

Thanks for your interest Davey - I have e-mailed the details to you as requested.

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