Bonzy 16:30 21 Jul 06

Hi there, I have 2 pages saved in "My Documents" folder on C: drive. I use MS Word running over Win XP Pro. I need to put these pages together to form pages 1 & 2 of one document. How do I go about it? Thanx.

  Jackcoms 16:32 21 Jul 06


  VoG II 16:33 21 Jul 06

I answered in your other thread click here

  johndrew 16:36 21 Jul 06

Easiest way I know is to open one of them, highlight the content, right click and select `Copy`. Open the other document, position the cursor where you want the text, right click and select `Paste`.

You should then `Save` that document. If you no longer need the other document, simply `Delete` it.

  Jackcoms 16:38 21 Jul 06

That's what I said, albeit rather more succinctly, in my post of 16:32.

  johndrew 19:50 21 Jul 06

Yes, I am aware of that but your post was not visible to me as I was typing.

  Jackcoms 19:59 21 Jul 06

"your post was not visible to me as I was typing"

So what you're saying, effectively, is that you post before reading the rest of the thread?

  herc182 22:05 21 Jul 06

dont be rediculous.

he/she must have been typing his reply as the other two replies were submitted....
grow up!

  VoG II 22:13 21 Jul 06

Well actually I got there first with the correct and far better solution than copy and paste so yaaa boo sucks!

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