menu @ top/bottom of windows

  swanny2 17:46 25 Mar 07

For some reason the top /bottom of my windows has changed.
Before at the top i could see my Fav /file/view etc,now my Favs is a Star icon? and at the bottom,when i hover my mouse the start menus tray disappears.
aNy ideas please.

  swanny2 17:59 25 Mar 07

aghh just sorted it. changed it too Classic style . more what im use too :O)

  terryfow 09:33 26 Mar 07

You may also find that for other reasons the desktop changes but this can often be restored by booting into Safe mode (this happened to a friend).

  swanny2 11:38 26 Mar 07

thanks its ok now. . :O)

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