davo1967 19:25 29 Mar 08

I am having trouble making the disc to test the ram on my pc, could anybody give me a walkthrough for please.

  skidzy 19:30 29 Mar 08

Download this to your desktop click here
Do NOT open or run yet,save it.

Download Imgburn click here

Again save to desktop.

Install Imgburn,then copy the Memtest.

check your bios is set to boot from cd/dvd first.

Place the Memtest disc in the cd draw and reboot.

Lets Memtest carry out at least 10 tests.

  sunny staines 19:31 29 Mar 08

have you tried the floppy disk its easier.

if iso file use imgburn
click here
source >please select a file>select memtest iso > write to disc

  davo1967 19:45 29 Mar 08

Hello, how do i check the bios settings.

  skidzy 19:48 29 Mar 08

Tapping the delete key or F2 maybe a different key on startup.(not while in windows)

  davo1967 20:17 29 Mar 08

tried that, the cd says that the memtest is on it, but when i reboot nothing happens,have checked the bios and it is set to boot from cd ?

  skidzy 20:42 29 Mar 08

Double check you are burning the iso image.

  skidzy 20:43 29 Mar 08

Sorry forgot the link click here

  davo1967 21:09 29 Mar 08

the file on the cd now reads memtest 86+-2
.01.iso does that look right ?

  davo1967 21:14 29 Mar 08

im using the copy file to disc is that right or should it be image to disc ?

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